Case Study

Climate Ambition Summit 2020

Live video conferencing solution for large professional organization

The Challenge

Virtualizing the event hosting heads of state from over 70 countries, prime ministers, presidents of the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, India, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Austria, Serbia and more, including executives from the biggest corporations such as Apple, presidents of the World Bank and the European Investment Bank.

The event, meant to celebrate the 5 years anniversary of the Paris Agreement, and to mark the commencement of the gathering of the 100 million fund to tackle climate change.

TVS had to guarantee that the globally successful event could be viewed from any point around the world and that it could also be re-streamed by the BBC and many other news outlets worldwide.


  • High reach - thousands of people worldwide
  • Professionally produced content, including over 25 different virtual scenes and elements
  • Content available on demand immediately after broadcast, from any geographical location
  • Easy to access and navigation - simplified interface to maximize reach
  • Crystal clear sound - superb sound system
  • Incorporation of professionally produced video content - dynamic motion picture combining live and pre-recorded content in a seamless production
  • Fully secure virtual venue and virtual stages for speakers
  • Content provided to media simultaneously
  • Simultaneous translation in 6 languages

The Solution

The event resulted in a huge success for all parties, including organizers, as they held the first fully digital Climate Ambition Summit. The event was viewed from a global audience worldwide, boasting exceptionally high attendance throughout the whole event. The virtual venue was created in order to be as easily accessible and navigable as possible for any virtual attendees. The content featured throughout the event was professionally produced and has been made available immediately after being broadcasted and was also provided to leading media outlets as it was being created.

The multiple (over 25!) variations of content and elements allowed the production to assume a fully dynamic digital appearance of world-class studio production, even though remote for all speakers.

Furthermore, due to the high level of speakers involved in the event, an additional layer of added security has been devised in order to guarantee the flawless procedure of live speakers who appear on stage in real time.


I would like to send my great appreciation for the work conducted by you and The Virtual Show team on the delivery of the Climate Ambition Summit 2020. Your team’s technical expertise and professionalism allowed for an extremely successful event, and The Virtual Show platform provided the ideal stage for leaders from across government, business, civil society and other Non-State Actors to come together and make new, ambitious pledges to combat climate change.

From the beginning of the planning process, to event day itself, your team was on hand to answer questions and steer our technical decisions to reach the optimal outcomes. I would like to especially thank Georg Lazarov as our main point of contact. His expertise in staging virtual events was invaluable, and his ability to meet our requests, often with tight turnaround times, allowed us to deliver an extremely successful event that fully met the requirements of the UN, UK and France as co-convenors of the Climate Ambition Summit 2020.

I would also like to thank Elina Georgieva, Polly Petkova, George Histrov and George Nachev for all of their work for the Climate Ambition Summit 2020. The Climate Ambition Summit 2020 was an extremely important milestone five years on from the Paris Agreement, and the great success of the Summit has truly set us on the road to a successful COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021

UK COP26 Envoy

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