Case Study

Forum Real

Virtual conference and expo for the largest real estate, investment, construction and innovation event in Bulgaria with over 30,000 virtual visitors.

The Challenge

Virtualizing the biggest national investment, innovation, construction and real estate conference featuring over 30,000 attendees with a virtual venue having a variety of functionalities. The event featured 3 different conference halls allowing for parallel content to be played at the same time, a networking lounge that facilitated business meetings between attendees and alternative networking solutions which helped professionals from the field to expand their ecosystems.

Executives, professionals, the mayor, ministers, government officials, top experts from multiple fields - totaling hundreds of speakers, all participating in the fully live content production process, consisting of several steps that allowed them to interact with the audience in real time during their active participation.


  • Multiple stages - multiple stages allowing for separate content tracks to be viewed and streamed concurrently
  • Several options for networking, including networking lounges, 1 to 1 video meetings, private chat between attendees & more
  • Wide variety of topics - several tracks and 3 days full of content with over 60 panels and sessions
  • Expo area with different types of exhibitors, allowing for added functionalities and lead acquisition by exhibitors
  • Content professionally produced & available on demand, with over 10 different virtual scenes, virtual elements and virtual studios with dynamic active screens
  • Localized virtual venue, with options for language selection
  • Interaction between attendees
  • Interaction between attendees and speakers, with Questions and Answers and polls functions.
  • Full technical support around the clock, ensuring the prompt interaction between support personnel and event guests

The Solution

The tailor made virtual venue, which was localized in the language of the events audience, as well as English, hosted over 30,000 virtual attendees. The three stages that were created, in order to facilitate the different content sessions featured custom designs, tailor made for the client. The vast number of sessions produced in each hall, with custom designs, were made available to view on demand shortly after being broadcasted. The networking opportunities on the platform allowed for thousands of new business connections to be created.

Apart from the flawless content production with crystal clear sound and immediate on-demand broadcasts, the event featured full technical support from TVS side, which ensured prompt address to any user-made inquiry.

All joint efforts, both by TVS and the organizers of Forum Real resulted in a successful event that has been supported by the Bulgarian Government.

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