Case Study

Virtual HPN Expo

Virtual conference and expo for large professional organization

The Challenge

The very first virtual HPN expo hosted hundreds of virtual attendees and high level speakers of the medical industry in the UK, including previous chairman of the NHS Confederation and other leaders in the field. Being hosted completely virtually, the event allowed for speakers and attendees to participate fully remotely and enjoy a wide variety of opportunities provided by the platform in 5 different theaters where sessions were grouped by topics.


  • Remote participation of speakers and guests within presentations and virtual venue
  • Professionally produced content sessions with over 10 different designs of the virtual studio and scenes elements
  • Networking opportunities for attendees, presenters and exhibitors, including 1:1 video meetings, chats and more
  • Expo area with different types of booths divided in topics in 4 different theaters with ability for exhibitors to generate leads and connect with interested entities
  • Hundreds of virtual meetings between attendees held on the platform, both between attendees and exhibitors
  • Virtual Studio with remote presentations, speakers and host and dynamic active screens with different types of truly distinctive content
  • Customizable attendee agenda - large two day event agenda with each session being able to be added to a personal attendee agenda
  • 5 separate theaters facilitating concurrent content sessions, all of which were available to view on demand for 30 days after the end of the event

The Solution

The successful virtualization of the first virtual HPN Expo allowed hundreds of attendees to connect virtually using one on one meetings, and also for all stands of the exhibition to enjoy continuous interest and the generation of leads. The detailed mapping of the event provided a dynamic environment and countless opportunities for attendees, exhibitors and participants alike.

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